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Welcome to Enigma Art Studio - Art, ritual and storytelling

Explore your life experiences and listen in a new way to the stories you heard as children with Lynn Carol Henderson, Quaker, mother and peace activist. Dance sing, laugh, and explore the realms of the imagination with her magical blend of wildness and wisdom from every imaginable source. In her colorful costumes accompanied by her drum and rattle her stories fascinate groups of all ages.

A storyteller for listeners of all ages, Lynn Carol presents stories that speak to the heart and carry away the emotion. She incorporates her desire for peace and social justice, creativity and empowerment into all of her work. Through personal experiences and audience participation, she creates a magical environment where Spiderwoman is alive and magic is afoot.

Lynn Carol tailors her presentations to fit the needs of any group with art projects, music and dance wherever possible. Her wide repertoire of subject matter includes: Women of Courage and How They Were Framed; Adventures with Nature: Native American Stories Heroes and Heroines/Love Found and Lost in the Ancient World; Myths and Symbols through the Ages: Mandala, Serpent and Spider; Tales of the Goddess; and Witches I Have Known.

Sun SingerIn addition to performances, Lynn Carol provides group workshops designed for empowerment, enlightenment, and entertainment. She has a wide repertoire of subject matter. Among her many possibilities: Learning to Tell Your Own Story; Altar-Making and Treasure Boxes; Mandalas and Medicine Shields; Rituals of Transition: Birthings, Coming of Age, Marriage, Croning, and Passing; Storytelling for Multicultural Understanding; Yearly Celebrations and Holidays From Around the World; Adventures with Nature: Become a Living Tree; and Create a Council of All Beings.

Hildegard and the Arts
Hildegard's Awakening
Was Hildegard von Bingen a visionary artist?
How do the illuminations of her visions use art as a way of knowing ?
Lynn Carol Henderson, Ph.D. in Women’s Ritual Art, creates a series of Hildegard inspired paintings to accompany her story laden analysis of this 12th century mystic’s visions and illuminated mandalas. Explore correspondences of Shamanic and Visionary symbols and patterns in an interactive meditation and art making exercise. In this journey through the portals of Hildegard’s and Dr. Henderson’s images, workshop participants will awaken their own visual thinking.

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"Voices from the Circle: Women's Ritual Art" by Lynn Carol Henderson is an art installation developed as a final project for an interdisciplinary doctorate in art history and women's studies from The Union Institute and University. More...

Reproductions are available for purchase from the artist.

There is an old women who lives in the sky
See her weave see her fingers fly
She is within us
Beginning to end
Our Grandmother Sister and Friend
She changes everything she touches and everything she touches changes
She changes everything she touches and everything she touches changes