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About Lynn Carol Henderson

I was the child that continually wandered off but was never lost. I was always curious. There was always more to explore. I cannot remember a time when I was not encouraged to make art.

In each form of my artwork, whether two- or three- dimensional, paintings, assemblages, or ritual installations, I speak metaphorically of a golden dream of peace and harmony. In this world, animals are connected to divinity, women and men work in partnership, humans understand the unity of all things, and the web of life is intact. This is the wild invisible world that is with us in our hearts. Using recycled found objects, bits of historic textiles and mixed media fabrications, I offer my work to that world; to the place where artwork is integrated with the everyday and the Goddess is everywhere.

My artwork comes from the part of me that touches that divine cosmos. I am never bored. I am continuously surprised and amazed. Sometimes I am overwhelmed. That is what being an artist is for me.

BA: Art and Art History, University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia
MFA and teaching certification:
Washington University, St, Louis
Foreign Studies, Italy, France, Mexico, Guatemala, Peru, Chile
Ph.D. from Union Institute,
Cincinnati, Ohio in Women's Ritual Art

Work Experience
1989-Present: Adjunct Professor, Eckerd College
Courses: Magic, Myth and Ritual in Art, Collage, Art Appreciation, Altars and Mandalas
Adjunct professor, University of Tampa
Courses: Insider/Outsider, Multicultural Art

1973-Present: Workshops for children and adults at all the Art Centers in Pinellas County,
the Salvador Dali Museum, the St. Petersburg Museum of Fine Arts, Elder Hostel, and Pinellas County Schools

1980-Present: Ritual leader in Women’s Spirituality Groups and Drumming Circles

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Lynn Carol Henderson


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