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Enigma Art Studio
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Portable storytelling workshops & performances

Inspired stories in a magical blend of wildness and wisdom from every imaginable source. Each performance includes Lynn Carol's artwork and audience participation. The presentations are tailored to fit the needs of the group. Art projects, music and dance can be incorporated if desired.

Explore your life experiences and the stories heard as children as you create your own artwork related to your personal mythology.

Dance, sing, laugh, and be entertained as you develop skills in communications, creativity, and self-esteem.

Lynn Carol has a wide reportoire of subject matter. Among her many possibilities:

  • Women of courage and how they were framed
  • Adventures with nature: Become a living tree, create a Council of All Beings
  • Heroes and heroines/love found and lost in the ancient world
  • Myths and symbols through the ages: Mandala, serpent and spider
  • Tales of the goddess through the ages
  • Witches I have known

Workshops and performances: Magic tailored to fit your group

  • Truth and lies for all occasions
  • Folklore and myths made real
  • Poetry, song and dance by firelight
  • Keynote address and storytelling workshops from dawn to dusk
  • Parties, festivals, concerts, museums, world events
  • All ages and all stages

Lynn Carol, Storyteller, at Circus McGurkis in fall 2002.